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We are unable to return a form to you once you have clicked "Complete". In the event you have submitted too early and have additional information to include, please email including the name of the place of worship in the title bar.

*Location and official name or dedication of the place of worship

E.g. FARNHAM, St Mary or MORECAMBE, Central Methodist Church.
*Address of the place of worship including postcode
  If the place of worship does not have a postcode, please give the postcode of the nearest building Address2:    
*Select the denomination

Select the name of the diocese, if applicable

Select the Diocese if it features, or if not select 'Other'. If it is not applicable to the place of worship, select 'Not Applicable'.
Select the region in which the place of worship is located

Select 'Help' for direction on regions. The Preventative Maintenance Micro Grant Programme is currently only available to churches where MaintenanceBooker operates - this is in England and Wales only.
*Enter the listing designation of the place of worship as I, II*, II, A, B, B+, B1 or C - or - 'unlisted' or 'locally listed'

What is the total estimated cost of the preferred quote, excluding VAT?

Enter one whole number with no punctuation.
What size grant would you wish to receive from us? Grants can be up to £500 but will not exceed 50% of the project cost excluding VAT

Enter a whole number only (i.e. no £ or punctuation). We will not fund more than 50% of the final cost of work excluding VAT. If costs reduce between award and payment, our grant award will be adjusted accordingly.
*Briefly indicate why you need National Churches Trust funding?

Outline when maintenance work concerning this service booking was last undertaken. E.g. when your lightning protection system was last repaired/replaced; when your gutters were last cleaned. Note any urgency. Maybe include volunteer info [max 50 words]
*Please confirm with 'Yes' that you can meet the balance of the remaining funds required? If the funds are not obvious within your Annual Accounts, then please tell us how you will secure the funds.

The National Churches Trust will award up to £500 based on the quote for the work. We reserve the right to amend our grant if the invoice is less than the quote. We will never pay more than 50% of net cost [Max. 30 words]
*Full title and name of the main contact, at the place of worship, for the application

From left to right, use the 1st box for the title, 2nd for the first name and 3rd for surname. We require contact details to correspond with you about the grant. We will not use your contact details for any purpose to which you do not agree.
Contact's role or job title at place of worship

For example: churchwarden, Elder, incumbent, fundraiser, Trustee, Treasurer, volunteer etc.
Contact postal address
*Address 1:      
  Address 2:    
  Address 3:    
*Contact email address

We will use email to correspond with applicants if any questions arise over the application.
*Contact telephone number

We may call applicants with questions concerning your application.
*We would like to keep in touch about our work and news that is affecting our sector. Please tick 'yes' to agree that we can be in touch via E-MAIL periodically during the year, regardless of whether the application is successful or not. This is so that we can send details of relevant regional events and workshops, or awards and competitions. We will never sell or swap the details with any other organisation, and will keep details private and secure. We do not make fundraising phone calls and would only telephone if we had a specific query.

Successful applicants will automatically be added to our database as part of our grants monitoring process, and adherence to the terms and conditions of the grant offer. View our privacy policy here:
Latest set of signed audited or independently examined annual accounts

Reuploading a file overwrites the currently uploaded file
A recent general exterior view of the building. Please use a high resolution jpeg if possible and only send us images that we have permission to use. If the image should be credited please include the name in the image title.

Reuploading a file overwrites the currently uploaded file
Preferred quote

Reuploading a file overwrites the currently uploaded file
Second quote

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A copy of a paying-in slip for the Place of Worship's bank account showing account name, number and sort code - to help with grant payment

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Additional upload button - in case there is anything else you wish to supply

Reuploading a file overwrites the currently uploaded file
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