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This is the log-in page for our Cornerstone programme. If you wish to apply for another grant, please return to our website and follow the links to the relevant page www.nationalchurchestrust.org/our-grants (copy and paste links into a web browser)


Please read the guidance note on our website before commencing. You can click on the link at the bottom of this page to see all of the questions in advance.

After completing a page click 'Next' or 'Exit (Autosave)'. Be sure to save your form before exiting. You can log-in again later and click 'Continue' to continue your application, or 'View' to see what you have completed so far (you can also print from this page). You can upload supporting documents on the final page of the application, or email them to us within 10 working days.

At the end of the form you can review and revise your answers before submitting. We only see your application once you press 'Complete'. You will receive a confirmation email and a copy of your form.

For additional help, contact: grants@nationalchurchestrust.org


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