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We are unable to return a form to you once you have clicked "Submit". In the event you have submitted too early and have additional information to include, please email including the name of the place of worship, or local churches trust, in the title bar.

*Location and official name or dedication of the place of worship / Name of local trust

Please give the city, town or village name followed by a comma, then the official name or dedication for the church or chapel, e.g. FARNHAM, St Mary or MORECAMBE, Central Methodist Church - or - XYZ CHURCHES TRUST
*Full title and name of the main contact for the application

From left to right, use the 1st box for title, 2nd for first name and 3rd for surname.
Main contact postal address
*Address 1:      
  Address 2:    
  Address 3:    
*Main contact email address

We will use email to correspond with the applicant if any questions arise
*Main contact telephone number

We may call the applicant with questions concerning the application if they arise.
Main contact's role or job title

For example: churchwarden, Elder, incumbent, fundraiser, Trustee, Treasurer, volunteer, Secretary etc.
*Address of the place of worship or local churches trust, including postcode
  If the place of worship does not have a postcode, please give the postcode of the nearest building Address2:    
Website address

Charity registration number

Select the denomination for the place of worship

*Select the name of the diocese, if applicable

Select the relevant Diocese if it features. If not select 'Other'. Or, if it is not applicable, select 'Not Applicable'.
Enter the listing designation of the place of worship as I, II*, II, A, B, B+, B1 or C

All places of worship should answer this question. If the building is unlisted write 'unlisted' or if it is locally listed write 'local'.
Brief historic and architectural description about the building

Mandatory for applications from places of worship. Highlight key dates and architects, and any important features or notable connections [Max. 2000 characters]
*Describe the work that this grant will fund and time scales

Outline what work it is you are doing in this phase that our grant would be allocated towards, and when this work will take place [Max. 2000 characters]
*Please tick the type of project you are seeking funding for:

*Outline why the project needs National Churches Trust funding, and why now?

Explain any urgency or need for the work with any evidence for this. Also any limitations, financial need, local issues. Make the case for our investment in your project [Max. 2000 characters]
If the accounts show unrestricted funds after meeting running costs, that are not available or that cannot be used for this project, please explain what they are earmarked for or why they cannot be used.

If the accounts do not clearly state the reserves policy, include that here [Max. 255 characters]
*Select the region in which the project is located

Click "?" for direction on regions
Select one of the following options that best describes the area surrounding the place of worship / area of the project

Essential for places of worship
If the place of worship features on a Heritage or Buildings at Risk Register, or has been advised for inclusion at the next revision, please note the condition or category level it is featured at

Please state 'not at risk' if the building is not featured on a register, or 'unknown' if this information is not known, or 'Not Applicable'. For entries outside of England, please upload a copy of the entry at the end of the application form.
Describe how the building is currently used both for worship and beyond worship for community activities. Include details about opening times, congregation size, and the number of services per month (mandatory for applications from places of worship). Applicants from Local Church Trusts should outline their activities.

Include: av. no. of services per month; av. adult attendance; when the building is open to visitors beyond worship use; number of days a year the building is open beyond worship; visitor numbers; whether there is a Friends' group. [Max. 2000 characters]
*Please complete the project cost table with costs for this phase of work (i.e. not a possible future capital project that may be the outcome of this phase)

Insert a description for each of the cost categories, as well as completing the 'Cost', 'VAT' and 'Total' on each line. Enter whole figures with no punctuation. Costs will tally vertically. Please mention where figures are tenders or estimates.
Description (costs should be based on quotes) Cost VAT Total incl. VAT
*What size grant would you wish to receive from us?

Grants range between £3,000 and £10,000. We will never fund more than 50% of the cost of work and if costs reduce between award and payment, our grant award will be adjusted accordingly.
*What is the average annual maintenance spend at the place of worship?

Local church trust applicants should type '0'. Enter a whole number with no punctuation. Click "?" for more info
*Is there a maintenance plan in place for the church? Please type 'Yes' or 'No'

Local church trust applicants should type 'NA'. We strongly encourage churches to have a maintenance plan in place. Click '?' for more info
If already appointed, enter the name, company and email address of the qualified professional architect or chartered building surveyor, leading the project (separate lines by commas). They must have Conservation Accreditation if the building is listed.

Some applicants will not yet have appointed a lead architect or surveyor (which should be done by competitive tender) as our grant may be informing their brief. If there is another professional leading the project please let us know. [Max. 255 characters]
If your application to us is successful, how will any remaining funds be raised?

List (separating by commas) any pending grant applications, as well as other funds that may be forthcoming. Also mention if you envisage applying to a major heritage funder for your future capital project, if envisaged [Max. 1000 characters]
*Please complete the project income table with unsecured funds (i.e. pending applications) in the second column, and secured funding (i.e. grants awarded,funds raised) in the third column. Under description, write if it is pending, or any relevant notes.

We will calculate project shortfall as the total project cost minus secured income AND the expected Listed Places of Worship grant scheme VAT rebate if eligible. Click help for more detail.
Income stream Description Unsecured funds £ Secured funds £
Public grant offers
Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme (VAT)
Other grant offers (list funders in description)
Private donations
From reserves / bank accounts
Other fundraising
How does the project meet our outcome for Preserving Heritage?

Demonstrate how the building will be: in better condition, be better managed, and/or better understood. Click "?" for more info. You only need to answer 2 of the 3 questions in this section. [Max. 1000 characters]
How does the project meet our outcome for Promoting Sustainability?

Demonstrate how the building will be: more suitable for wider community uses, more secure for the future, and/or the project is well planned. Click "?" for more info. You only need to answer 2 of the 3 questions in this section [Max. 1000 characters]
How does the project meet our outcome for Inspiring Support?

Demonstrate how the building: will engage with more people, will increase opportunity for volunteering, and/or will be more financially viable. Click "?" for more info. You only need to answer 2 of the 3 qustions in this section [Max. 1000 characters]
Is there any additional information you wish to add to your application?

[Max. 500 characters]
*On occasion we may be able to help secure additional funding from other funders. Please type 'Yes' to consent for us to share details of the application form and the main contact details with other potential funders

Type "Yes" or "No"
*We would like to keep you updated about our work and news that is affecting our sector. Please tick 'yes' to agree that we can be in touch via E-MAIL periodically during the year, regardless of whether your application is successful or not. This is so that we can inform you of relevant regional events and workshops, or awards and competitions. We will never sell or swap your details with any other organisation, and will keep your details private and secure. We do not make fundraising phone calls and would only telephone you if we had a specific query.

Please note successful applicants will automatically be added to our database as part of our grants monitoring process, and adherence to the terms and conditions of the grant offer.
We would like to know more about our applicants. Please select which applies to whomever has completed most of this application form.

This is for our own monitoring purposes only
How did you hear about our grants?

This is for our own monitoring purposes only e.g. previous applicant, via an internet search engine, through a funding directory, at an event etc. [Max. 255 characters]
Quote 1 (preferred quote)

Reuploading a file overwrites the currently uploaded file
Quote 2

Reuploading a file overwrites the currently uploaded file
Most recent set of signed audited or independently examined annual accounts - these should include the examiner's report

Reuploading a file overwrites the currently uploaded file
Copy of the Friends' Accounts, if applicable

Reuploading a file overwrites the currently uploaded file
For places of worship in Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland - a copy of the heritage at risk register entry, if featured

Reuploading a file overwrites the currently uploaded file
A recent general exterior view of the building. Please use a jpeg if possible.

Reuploading a file overwrites the currently uploaded file
A recent general interior view of the building. Please use a jpeg if possible.

Reuploading a file overwrites the currently uploaded file
A copy of the building maintenance plan if available

Reuploading a file overwrites the currently uploaded file
A building condition report / structural survey / extract from Quinquennial Inspection Report to demonstrate urgent repair needs if relevant to the application

Reuploading a file overwrites the currently uploaded file
Brief for professional work if applying for a new post

Reuploading a file overwrites the currently uploaded file
A copy of a paying-in slip or bank statement for the Place of Worship's bank account showing account name, number and sort code - to help with grant payment

Reuploading a file overwrites the currently uploaded file
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